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Delivery is now available all over Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, USVI'S, and all of the USA.

Somos los primeros en PR licenciados por el Dept de Salud. Nuestros 🐶 incluyen sus vacunas, historial de salud, microchip, están desparasitados y tienen garantía genética por 1 año. Si no encuentras el 🐶 que buscas, ingrese su info 👉 https://bit.ly/3PW2GNK

LIC# 865827



Paws Pattern
Maltese Being CuteCute Morkie Designer PupCute Maltese Purebred PupCute Cavadoodle Poodle Mix PupCute Bernadoodle Poodle Mix PupCute French Bulldog Purebred PupCute Maltese Purebred PupCute French Bulldog PupCute Frenchie Purebred PupCute Cavapoo Poodle Mix PupCute Cavadoodle Poodle Mix PupCute French Bulldog Purebred PupCute French Bulldog Purebred PupCute Poochon Poodle Mix PupCute Cavapoo Poodle Mix PupCute Maltese Purebred Pup

Available Now Puppies

Welcome to our curated collection of available puppies for sale, where every puppy is ready to fill your home with love, laughter, and companionship today. With a comprehensive health guarantee and the benefit of nationwide delivery, each of our puppies is prepared for immediate adoption. Our selection is regularly updated, offering a variety of breeds that have all undergone extensive health screenings and vaccinations, ensuring they're ready to join their forever homes without delay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the “available puppies” list updated? We update our listings regularly, ensuring that you always have the most current selection of puppies available for immediate adoption.

Do the puppies come with a health guarantee? Yes, every puppy is backed by a health guarantee. This is part of our promise to you, ensuring that you're adopting a puppy in optimal health.

Are there puppies available for immediate purchase? Indeed, all the puppies featured are available for immediate purchase, allowing you to swiftly bring home a new loving companion.

Are the available puppies health-checked? Absolutely. Each puppy undergoes a detailed health check and is vaccinated before being listed, ensuring they meet our high standards for health and readiness for their new homes.

Are the available puppies vaccinated? Yes, vaccinations are a critical part of our health screening process, and every puppy is up to date with their shots, ready for a healthy start with their new family.



Discover the joy and excitement of immediate pet ownership through our available puppies for sale section. Here, you’ll find a selection of puppies that are not just seeking a forever home but are fully prepared to become a beloved part of your family right away. 

Regularly Refreshed Listings for Instant Connections 

Our available puppies are updated regularly to ensure you can find your perfect match at any time. This constant renewal process guarantees that our families have access to puppies that are ready for instant adoption, simplifying the journey to bringing home your new companion. 

Health Guarantee for Peace of Mind 

To ensure you can adopt with confidence, each of our puppies comes with a health guarantee. This guarantee reflects our commitment to the health and happiness of our puppies, underpinned by thorough health screenings and up-to-date vaccinations. 

Immediate Purchase Availability 

All puppies listed on our page are ready for immediate purchase. This means you can quickly welcome a new member into your family, experiencing the joy and companionship of a puppy without the usual wait. 

Thorough Health Screenings and Vaccinations 

Prior to listing, every puppy receives a comprehensive health check, which includes receiving all necessary vaccinations. These steps ensure each puppy is not only adorable but also healthy, and ready to start life in their new home on the best possible footing.