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Trouble Pooping

July 22, 2017, 1:12 AM
Q: Our shorkie is a year old this week she is a healthy happy pup so far but seems to be constipated today. She tried this evening she went and squatted and pushed, when she was done she turned and was searching the ground almost searching and then came running to me. I went over to the spot but there was nothing she didn't poop at all. Should I be concerned, and is there anything I should do for her? She hasn't had any change in food or routine.
A: True constipation from internal problems is not common. The most common interference with Pooping comes from dried poop stuck in the hair around the anus and even a clump the size of a match head is enough to cause problems. For safety check to make sure there is no dried poop in the hair around the anus as this can cause the puppy to delay defecation because it is uncomfortable. If there is dried poop in this area you can gently bathe it away with warm water and a little mild dish soap or if you have a small hair trimmer you can clip it out. Using scissors for this should be avoided as it is very easy to injure your puppy.