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Hungry for Poop?

April 26, 2017, 1:38 PM
Q: Hi, my puppy is cavapoo and she's 11 week old and she's been eating her own poop frequently. We usually put her inside the pen while we're at work. We take her outside for potty 3 times a day (right after we wake up, after lunch, and after work) and she usually eliminates either pee or poo (sometimes both) when we're out. However, when we come back from work and sometimes when she eliminates inside the house, we've noticed that she's eaten or eating her own poop and it has happened multiple times. How can we stop her from doing that? Are we not feeding her enough? We feed her 3 times a day with a pretty good portion. Should we feed her one more time before she goes to bed? Please help! Thanks. Michael
A: Coprophagia is not due to illness or hunger, it is just an unfortunate habit. Here are some tips: Coprophagy is the term for eating poop, it is a frustrating habit for owners but it is not harmful to the puppy. If the puppy had intestinal parasites you can make a point that he reinfects himself but your veterinarian will be sure that he is free of intestinal parasites and suggest products to prevent that from happening. There are products available to help discourage your puppy from consuming poop, they are available in powder, tablet and soft chew forms. The principle behind these products is to use enzyme action to chemically alter the feces inn hopes that it creates a change in the smell and attractiveness of the poop. I wouldn't consider one of these products to be superior to the others in fact I have found that a product that works very nicely for one puppy has no effect on other puppies. Pick a place to start and be aware that the product has to be used at least a couple times daily and may need to be used for 2-3 weeks. If your first choice fails move on to another. Before all the products for puppies were available a sprinkling of unseasoned meat tenderizer (source of enzymes) often work. Even if your choices don't completely solve the problem right away most puppies will eventually stop this frustrating habit.