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October 10, 2019, 11:49 AM
Q: Our puppy isn't here yet, but he will only be 8-weeks old upon arrival. 1-We are trying to prepare a crate area so we don't move it after he arrives. One video states to have it placed in a central living area and another video states to have it placed in a different room. Which place do we place it in? We are retired and he will not be left alone much. We want it for rest time and temporary potty station, if we are to slow or don't notice his need to go outside these first few weeks. 2-We were planning on having a second crate system upstairs to use only for overnight bedtime. This one would be placed in our bedroom for him to stay with us. having two floors creates a problem with dog on first floor. Is this a bad plan? Generally when our dog is big enough they sleep with us so we are thinking having him in the room overnight would be ok.
A: I think it best if I we could discuss each of these elements. I will contact you.