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French Bulldog Breed Information

Paws Pattern
brown french bulldog adult

French Bulldogs are among the kindest, friendliest, and funniest puppies in the world. Kids and dogs are their best friends, while their human parents are their kings and queens. These sweet puppies are immensely affectionate and they express their love like there is no tomorrow. With a French Bulldog in your life, you will always have a loyal friend, a cuddle companion, and a smile magnet that will always attract compliments from passers-by. French Bulldog puppies as well as French Bulldog adults are a wonderful treat to have by your side. They are easy to care for and fun to train.  

BREED TYPE / MIX Purebred ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Average TRAINING Challenge TEMPERAMENT Affectionate, Independent, Funny, Playful ADULT WEIGHT 22-28 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 11-13 in LIFE SPAN 9-11 yrs


  • The French Bulldog breed is also commonly known as the Frenchie and the Bouledogue Francais 
  • Contrary to what their name suggests, the French Bulldogs are originally from England 
  • French Bulldog puppies are considered one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are the second most popular breed in the United Kingdom and the United States, and among the most popular dogs throughout the world 
  • Although they are generally a very quiet breed when it comes to barking, the French Bulldogs make the best watchdogs. They are vigilant and curious, and only bark when they need to alert their owners to an approaching visitor 
  • As their only concern is to be near their humans, French Bulldogs can adapt to any living situation and lifestyle 
  • French Bulldog puppies are bright, eager to please, and fond of attention. They train nicely and respond well to reward-based training 
  • As a moderately active dog breed, the French Bulldog doesn’t have high exercise needs 
  • French Bulldogs and French Bulldog puppies are open towards strangers and fond of interactions with other dogs. They are quick to make friends and get along great with children 
  • As dogs that have low grooming and exercise needs, the French Bulldogs are a wonderful choice of pets for families with kids, senior folks, and first-time dog owners 
gray merle french bulldog


The French Bulldog is a fancy little dog with a warm and happy appearance. Built like little soldiers, these small dogs impress with a muscular body and true confidence. They carry themselves proudly with a smooth and determined step. French Bulldogs have an easily recognizable and quite famous signature look that includes their gorgeous and large ears that have a rounded tip and are worn upwards.

Other features that Frenchies sport are their broad chest and broad square muzzle, dark round eyes, and a short-haired coat that is fine and straight. As a small-sized dog breed, the French Bulldog’s size can range from 11 to 13 inches in height and 22 to 28 pounds in weight. French Bulldog colors include, but are not limited to fawn, cream, black, white, brindle, and gray. These stunning dogs may come in a solid-colored coat or with a combination of two or more colors. Their cute and small noses may also be light or dark-colored depending on the color of their coats.  


Given their calmness and eagerness to play and be included in fun activities, French Bulldogs make wonderful family dogs. You will find they are excellent play mates for children and funny comedians that love to entertain their pet parents.

Because their nature is kind and friendly, French Bulldogs fit well in a multi-pet household. They are fond of always having a friend to play with and they happily share their toys with their furry siblings. These sweet dogs are also strangers to snappiness and aggression. They are neither mean nor reactive, and they behave well when introduced to new people and situations. Being doted on is by far the French Bulldog’s favorite activity.

You will find that couches and laps make their best resting place and they are entirely fond of cuddles.  
Because being alone is something they dislike with a passion, French Bulldogs need either a good trainer to teach them the art of being independent or an owner that doesn’t leave their side often.  


French Bulldog Grooming

French Bulldogs have a short and fine coat that sheds little and is easy to manage. Keeping the French Bulldog’s hair shiny and smooth requires one quick weekly brushing and a bi-monthly bath. Because they have folds and wrinkles on their cute faces, Frenchies might gather dirt and debris close to their skin. It is beneficial to clean their faces frequently to prevent irritation. You should also keep an eye on their nails and clip them if they get big enough to scratch the floor when they step.

As most dogs are prone to dental issues, your French Bulldog is unfortunately not an exception and will benefit from having his or her teeth brushed regularly. Their ears should also be checked for dirt and dust, and cleaned as often as needed.  

French Bulldog Exercise Needs

French Bulldog are laid-back dogs that love to chill on the couch, relax, and be doted on by their humans. They don’t require an extensive workout routine or mile-long walks to keep them in shape and happy. One daily walk should be enough to meet their exercise needs. Indoor games can also be a great way for them to burn off any excess of energy.  

French Bulldog Health

Although most French Bulldog dogs can live their lives free of health issues, there are some that may develop certain conditions. French Bulldog health issues can include dental problems, allergies, and ear infections, Because they have a short snout, these dogs may also have trouble breathing, especially during exercise or hot weather. It is recommended to keep walks short during extreme summer and winter weather and provide an optimal temperature indoors. Over-exercising and over-feeding your French Bulldog can also bring on unwanted health problems and should best be avoided.  

French Bulldog Lifespan

The French Bulldog lifespan is in average of 10 to 14 years. You can increase your French Bulldog’s life expectancy by sticking to a strict diet and providing just the right amount of daily exercise.  

French Bulldog Training

French Bulldog puppies are smart little canines that love to please their humans by any means. They have the capacity to learn quickly but can also be stubborn at times if their rewards are not motivating. These tiny and cute puppies don’t have a long attention span when they are very young and respond best when their training sessions are kept short and entertaining. Treats are their favorite rewards but you should be cautious as these puppies tend to over-eat. Praise, belly rubs, and their favorite puppy toys also work well as incentives for Frenchie puppies.  

Because French Bulldogs love hanging around with their family members more than anything else, they may not respond well to being left alone. These dogs are known to suffer when their humans leave them home alone. It’s important that you begin training your French Bulldog puppy to be independent and practice leaving the house a few minutes every hour or so until your puppy is comfortable with this action. Training should begin as soon as your little puppy arrives home.  


The lovely French Bulldog breed is fairly young compared to other dog breeds. It is believed that the cute French Bulldog puppies first appeared in Nottingham England during the start of the 19th century as descendants of the English Bulldog. The first Toy Bulldogs (that we now know as French Bulldogs) were very popular with workers from the Nottingham area.

As history teaches, Toy Bulldogs were not only popular for their wonderful companionship, but also for their hunting abilities and watchdog skills. The canine fashion icons that we know today had a vastly different start in England where they were “employed” as rodent hunters in mines and factories. When the modernization of factories began in England, workers from the Nottingham area found themselves replaced by automation and were forced to seek work elsewhere. Nottingham workers took to France in search for better job opportunities, taking their beloved companions with them. Once in France, the unique bulldogs were met with great admiration.

Their true popularity took off once the rich and extravagant artists, celebrities, and people of power took a liking to them. They were renamed Bouledogue Francais - French Bulldogs and recognized as a distinct breed. At one point, the French elites were so fond of the extravagant little dogs that Offering a French Bulldog puppy as a courting gift became a custom. The French Bulldog moved on to become the most popular dog in France for a time. Nowadays, these precious dogs are recognized as the second most popular dog breed in England and other European countries as well as in the United States.