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Mini Labradoodle Breed Information

Mini Labradoodle with Wavy Coat

These adorable doodle puppies are a mix between a purebred Labrador Retriever and a purebred Mini Poodle. Like their perfect parents, Mini Labradoodles charm with upbeat personalities, keen intelligence, and fantastic looks. They are sweet, adventurous, energetic, and loyal to their owners. Kids and Mini Labradoodles often make best friends, so if you’re looking to adopt a Mini Labradoodle puppy for your children, you are in for a wonderful journey.  

BREED TYPE / MIX Doodle Hybrid / Poodle crossed with a Labador Retriever ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Responsive TEMPERAMENT Loyal, Obedient, Playful, Charming ADULT WEIGHT 16-25 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 14-17 in LIFE SPAN 12-15 yrs


  • With parents like the Labrador Retriever and the Mini Poodle, the Mini Labradoodle puppies can be nothing short of perfect  
  • Mini Labradoodles are wonderful family dogs but they also make excellent guide, therapy, detection, service dogs, emotional support animals (ESAs), search and rescue (SARs), hunting companions, K-9 units, and more 
  • The average lifespan of a Mini Labradoodle is between 12 to 15 years, they are loving and healthy dogs  
  • The cutest Mini Labradoodles enjoy playing outdoors in the yard, going on walks and jogs, and playing fetch 
  • When it comes to an active lifestyle, the Mini Labradoodle breed is a perfect companion 
  • The Labradoodle Mini has exceptional trainability due to its eagerness to please 
  • A great apartment dog, the Mini Labradoodle thrives inside or outside regardless of the size of your home or yard 
  • They have a low shedding coat which makes the Mini Labradoodle hypoallergenic, they are perfect for people with allergies 
  • The Mini Labradoodle grooming requirements are not something to be scared about as they have a short coat  
  • With a standard between 14 or 17 inches tall the Mini Labradoodle size is as the name suggests, a small breed 
Mini Labradoodle Puppy


The Labradoodle mini has a round head and muzzle, with large eyes and floppy ears. The Mini Labradoodle has a gorgeous coat. It can be straight, wavy or curly, short, or long. The coat comes in a variety of colors: white, black, brown, chocolate, cream, golden, silver, gray, red, apricot, or tan. The coat of the Mini Labradoodle is very different from its parent breeds, the Labrador and the Mini Poodle. 

The Mini Labradoodle has a medium to small stature, depending on the generation category. The F1 is the first generation Mini Labradoodle that will have a medium to small stature and will weigh between 16 to 25 pounds and have an average height between 14 to 17 inches. The F1B Mini Labradoodle will have a small stature and will weigh between 12 to 15 pounds and will have an average height between 13 to 16 inches. Lastly, the F2 Mini Labradoodle is the smallest of the three; they will weigh between 10 to 15 pounds and have an average height between 11 to 15 inches for a full grown Mini Labradoodle. 


Mini Labradoodles are a very popular choice of pet and with good reason. Mini Labradoodle puppies are fun, cheerful, and charming dogs. Their lack of aggression and friendly nature has made them one of the most popular designer Doodle Breeds. With a positive attitude, a kind gentle behavior, an intuitive, affectionate, and a highly devoted nature, the Mini Labradoodle has an amazing reputation as a therapy and guide dog and is known to be excellent with children of all ages. Mini Labradoodle puppies are bright, happy, and full of energy little fluffballs. They have a great curiosity and are fast learners. They are loving and friendly and they greet every stranger with joy and affection. 

The Mini Labradoodle is one of the smaller doodle breeds. Just like his name says, he comes in “mini” for little and adorable. These happy little dogs bring so much joy and happiness to the family that you will find it hard to not be happy around them. Since these Mini Labradoodles are a hybrid breed, their temperaments can vary quite a bit from pup to pup. The only way to ensure that your pup grows into a well-behaved adult Mini Labradoodle with a calm temperament is to start training him early. 


Mini Labradoodle Grooming

Mini Labradoodle Grooming requirements are the same as other dog darlings out there. The Mini Labradoodle has a delicate and teddy bear-like coat that requires some extra TLC on the owners’ part.  

The Mini Labradoodle does not require a lot of grooming because it has a short coat. It is recommended that you brush its hair at least once every week. You should also trim its nails every month to keep them from breaking or causing other issues. 

There are many different types of grooming tools for dogs, but you should use what works best for your dog's size, coat type, and personality. If you expose him early in his life to the grooming process and tools you will encounter no problems during grooming.  

Mini Labradoodle Exercise Needs

Staying active is important for both breeds that make up the puppy and the Mini Labradoodle inherits this trait. Mini Labradoodles are active animals who enjoy walks, runs, and swims like their Poodle parent, but they also enjoy retrieving things as much as a Retriever. Give them plenty of time to play, or they might get bored. 

The Mini Labradoodle should be given at least an hour of exercise per day and it's important to note that this breed can have different physical needs depending on their parents. 

How much exercise does a Mini Labradoodle need? The Mini Labradoodle age is the number one factor that influences their exercise requirements. As puppies, they are curious, energetic, and love to play. But their joints and bones still need time to mature, so too much physical activity can negatively impact their development. With senior Mini Labradoodles, the opposite can be true, they may not need as much exercise as younger dogs do. They would prefer to relax during the day. 

Mini Labradoodle Health

Mini Labradoodle puppies are healthy dogs, but they are not immune to the common ailments that dogs suffer from as they age. Some of the problems they may encounter, like most dogs, include eye discharge, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, diabetes mellitus, progressive retinal atrophy, and hypothyroidism. It is important to always have a veterinarian office close and to stick to periodic vet checks to keep the Mini Labradoodle in good health. 

Mini Labradoodle Lifespan

Mixed breed dogs normally have a longer life expectancy than purebred dogs. The miniature Poodles have a life expectancy of 10-18 years and Labradoodles can live up to 10-12 years. You can expect your Mini Labradoodle to live in the same range. The Mini Labradoodle lifespan is somewhere between 12 to 15 years. 

Mini Labradoodle Training

Training a Mini Labradoodle is like bringing up a child. If you put in the effort early on, then you will be rewarded with a well-mannered dog that will be a joy to spend time with for years to come. The intelligent, friendly, and playful Mini Labradoodle can have an incredible impact on your life from a young age up to adulthood. Mini Labradoodle puppies are incredibly easy to train and will do whatever they are told if they are given direction and consistency at an early age. 

Training a Mini Labradoodle should be done with rewards, not punishments. It is best to keep a positive environment for both of you and your puppy. Mini Labradoodles are sensitive puppies, so yelling or smacking is not an appropriate part of the training process. 

Mini Labradoodles are one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs and because of their easy-going temperaments; they're generally very easy to train. They have curious minds and thrive on training. Some Mini Labradoodle puppies are trained to become guide or therapy dogs in order to help humans. 

Labradoodle Minis, like all dogs, love to be in a pack. In order for them to be content, they need to know their place in the hierarchy and accept a "pecking order". However, you can't force this on a dog by yelling or spanking. It stems from the dog's natural instinct and proper training methods. If a pup isn't taught its place in the household and the rules to follow it will most likely try to dominate through its cute puppy eyes forcing you both into a battle of wills.   

Your Mini Labradoodle puppy's first eight months are the most important for development. The first four months are all about learning and making friends. The following months are the ideal time when dogs need to learn to obey. Be firm but never aggressive with your Labradoodle Mini puppy. Being harsh towards your dog will either frighten him or teach him to be aggressive. Keep training short, fun, and consistent to make sure your pup learns how to obey. 

Mini Labradoodles love attention. They want to be involved with and around the family, so it is important for them to get a lot of positive attention when they are doing well. If your Labradoodle Mini is doing something wrong, then don't give them attention. If you give in to their every demand, then they will think they are in charge and will become even more demanding. The best strategy is to wait a while and then pet them again when they've calmed down. 


The Mini Labradoodle is one of the most popular breeds of designer dogs. They are bred from an Australian Labrador Retriever and a Miniature Poodle and have been hugely popular over the last few years. The reasons they are so well-loved are that they are adorable, sociable, intelligent, low-shedding, and smart enough to be guide dogs. You can find them in many colors, such as mottled brown, chocolate, and white. 

The Labradoodle Mini is multi-generational, but many owners and breeders have noted the difference in coat types and qualities. Some Labradoodles are hypoallergenic and shed less than others. 

The F1 Mini Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador and a Mini Poodle and has the same health benefits that come with a Lab and Poodle. The only difference is its hair type; it can be smooth, wiry, or wavy like an Irish wolfhound. The F1 Labradoodle sheds occasionally. 

The F1B Mini Labradoodle is also known as an F1 backcross. This pup is a mix of an F1 Mini Labradoodle and Mini Poodle. They have a consistently curly, wavy coat. The F1B is loved by many because it doesn't shed. It has the most manageable coat of all doodles. 

The F2 Mini Labradoodle is the puppy of two Mini Labradoodle adult dogs. This puppy is bred for its desirable coat colors like solid cream, chocolate, and black.