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Pomsky Breed Information

Paws Pattern
exited Pomsky puppy

The glamourous Pomsky puppies are a crossbreed mix of two purebred dogs – the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky. Pomsky puppies impress with their wolf-like appearance and energetic personality. They are athletic, spunky, and loyal to a fault. The Pomsky’s favorite activities include going on hikes, swimming, and running freely. Pomsky puppies make ideal companion pets for active owners who enjoy weekend adventures. They are also a great fit for apartment living thanks to their diminished size.  

BREED TYPE / MIX Hybrid / Pomeranian crossed with a Husky ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Regularly TRAINING Determined TEMPERAMENT Spunky, Enthusiastic, Affectionate, Friendly ADULT WEIGHT 18-30 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 10-15 in LIFE SPAN 13-15 yrs


  • Pomsky puppies are a designer crossbreed, a mix between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky 
  • The Pomsky hybrid breed is an ideal canine companion due to its small size, low maintenance requirements, and love of human company
  • Pomskies have a high-pitched bark, and they make good watchdogs
  • They are very good with children and other family members but tend to be over-enthusiastic around strangers
  • With their thick coats, the Pomsky pups were born to survive the cold winters in North America and can also tolerate warm temperatures in the summer 
  • Pomsky colors are combinations of black, white, blue, gray, brown, red, and tan. They typically sport the same markings as their Husky parent 
  • The Pomsky size is small, with most weighing between 20 and 30 pounds 
  • The grooming requirements of an adult Pomsky are minimal 
cute Pomsky pup


Pomskies are a hybrid of Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. Because they are hybrids of two very different-looking dogs, their appearance may vary depending on which of their parents they take after more. The general appearance of a Pomsky adult is a perfectly balanced combination of its parents. It is born with the same colors and markings as the Husky parent and has the same small size as the Pomeranian. This small to medium-sized, fluffy dog is a sight for sore eyes. They are widely recognized as one of the cutest dogs on the planet and their popularity has been growing exponentially since the first Pomsky was introduced in 2007.  

Adult Pomskies resemble a small Husky puppy. They have pointed ears, a narrow muzzle, and gorgeous blue or hazel eyes. Their coats are thick and fluffy with color combinations of white, black, gray, blue, red, and brown. The size of a full-grown Pomsky is on the smaller end of the scare, measuring an average of 10 to 15 inches with a weight of 20 to 30 pounds.  


The Pomsky is a cross between the Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. It's not just an adorable hybrid of two cute dogs, it's also a talented companion who can easily learn tricks and enjoys playing fetch. These dogs are an energetic, highly devoted breed that is perfect for those who love to spend time outdoors with their family. Pomsky dogs are also full of personality and have lots of unconditional love to give.  

Pomskies are known for their intelligence, love of exploration and tendency to be friendly with other animals. They require socialization during puppyhood like every dog does, but they are friendly enough to make that process easy. They are more independent than many other breeds of dogs and can easily adapt to new living spaces. The Pomsky is a unique dog that can blend in with a variety of environments, from the Canadian Arctic to the hot, dusty plains of Africa. 

This hybrid dog is intelligent and protective, but also kind and gentle. The Pomsky has been bred to be more than just an adorable pet, they’re also perfect companions for human families who want a loving companion that will keep them company. 


Pomsky Grooming

Pomsky dogs are one of the most popular pets today because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are easy to train, can be active or more laid back, and need very little grooming. Pomkies are a popular pet that require minimal care to maintain. They have a thick, furry coat that will protect them from harsh weather conditions and keep them warm in the winter. They have a double coat that is composed of an undercoat and a topcoat. The undercoat is softer, warmer, and shed less frequently than the topcoat which keeps them warm and protected from the elements. Pomskies will shed throughout the year, but shedding does not typically occur during the heat season from May through September. During the seasons in which they shed regularly, it is recommended to brush them at least once every two days.  

Pomskies are fun-loving, adventurous dogs. They love to get wet and play in puddles, but they should not be bathed too frequently with dog shampoo as this can cause skin dryness. Ideally, these dogs should be bathed twice or three times per year. Their ears should be cleaned frequently, and their teeth brushed regularly.  

Pomsky Exercise Needs

The charming, energetic and intelligent Pomsky dog is a popular breed that requires a lot of exercise. The Pomsky is a mix between the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. They're very energetic, intelligent, and have a lot of personality. The breed is becoming more and more popular as people are looking for dogs that are more active and eager to join them on adventures. Pomsky puppies can be very energetic so it's important that they have opportunities to burn energy in their daily routine. A full hour or more of activity every day at an intensity level of 2 or 3 is necessary for them to stay happy and healthy. 

Pomsky Health

As a first-generation hybrid, the Pomsky benefits from hybrid vigor which ensures excellent health and a long lifespan. Although this dog breed is known for its superior health, it can still develop some of the issues that are common in its parents' breeds. Some of these issues include dental issues, allergies, eye problems, obesity, and ear infections.  

Pomsky Lifespan

Pomskies typically live between 13 and 15 years, but they can reach more with proper care and a nourishing environment. The Pomeranian and Husky parent breeds also have a similar lifespan of up to 15 years. The Pomeranian has been known to live as much as 21 years, while the Husky is believed to live up to 18 years in rare cases. 

Pomsky Training

Pomskies are not only intelligent but also have an amazing ability to learn quickly. They are a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian, so they share the same traits of both breeds. Pomskies are similar to both the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. They have a high activity level, but they can also be quite playful. Every dog is different and has their own set of character traits and with Pomskies this is seen in their trainability. The training process for Pomsky puppies requires patience, persistence, and consistency. These dogs respond best to reward-based training. They love treats and toys and are always eager to please their trainer. 


The Pomsky is a mix of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. They are relatively new to the breeding world, having originated a little over 15 years ago. These Pomsky puppies are so smart and full of energy, you'll never have to worry about spending time with them. They're a companion pet that's bound to be fun, creative, and loyal! 

Pomskies are cuter than just about anything on Earth. This strange, yet adorable crossbreed has snowballed in popularity in the last couple of years and is a true testament to how amazing dog breeds can be. Pomskies are neither a Husky nor a Pomeranian, but rather a mix of the two breeds. They have the laid-back personality and body type of the Husky, and the adorable size of the Pomeranian. 

Many Pomsky owners have noticed that their Pomeranian-Siberian husky mixes, who share many of the same characteristics and are also easy to train, make excellent family pets. Not only are they social and intelligent but they're also fantastic with kids and other animals! Husky x Pomeranian mixes make for the perfect family pet because of their great personality and wonderful temperaments.  

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized, dense-coat working dog that was originally bred to pull heavy loads. Though it is a working breed, this dog has become one of the most popular pets due to its loving and loyal temperament. The Pomeranian is a beautiful, small breed of dog, originally bred to hunt rodents in grain stores. They are a popular breed because they're so playful and easy to train. Many people who are looking for the magical combination of two very different breeds have had success with the Pomsky mixed-breed dogs. With their intelligence, unique traits, and loving personalities, Pomsky dogs make excellent family pets.