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Yorkie Breed Information

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Parti Yorkie Dog sitting

Yorkshire Terrier puppies are the definition of adorable dogs. They are petite, alert, and have the happiest expression. Life is never boring with a spunky Yorkie puppy around. These pups are playful, adventurous, and very skilled at tricks and stunts. They love to put on shows for their families and are extremely fond of cuddles. You can adopt a Yorkshire Terrier puppy for your friends, children, parents, and even grandparents. These puppies are a perfect fit for any owner. 

BREED TYPE / MIX Purebred ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Determined TEMPERAMENT Courageous, Energetic, Independent, Playful ADULT WEIGHT 4-6 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 8-9 in LIFE SPAN 10-16 yrs


  • From their thick, silky coat to the playful tails that bounce with every step, Yorkies are well-known for their charm and personality¬†
  • Naturally protective, and highly perceptive, the Yorkie acts as the perfect first line of defense against intruders, making a perfect watchdog¬†
  • Yorkshire Terriers aren't just cute, they're also smart and easy to train¬†
  • Yorkies have earned quite the reputation as great first-time pets, especially for owners with allergies¬†
  • The Teacup Yorkie makes a wonderful travel companion if you're looking to explore the world with an adventure partner at your side¬†
  • The spunky Yorkshire Terrier puppies are outgoing and adaptable, which means they can adjust to any lifestyle¬†
  • Yorkies are the perfect choice for apartment dwellers or people who live in small spaces, since they do not need a lot of exercise¬†
  • The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie dog, is the 10th most popular dog in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club¬†
  • Yorkie puppies are known to be loyal, cuddly, and affectionate dogs¬†
  • The Yorkshire Terrier may not be the biggest dog in the world, but it is certainly one of the most loyal and adorable¬†
  • Yorkie dogs are known to be alert, protective, and vigilant¬†
  • Yorkshire Terriers have a long lifespan with an average of 16 to 18 years¬†
small yorkshire terrier plaing fetch


They've got a swagger in their step and a strut in their stride. Not because they have something to prove, but because they know that they've got a lot going for them, which is why they're the talk of the town. More than just a pretty face and good sense of style, Yorkie puppies are smart, friendly dogs who love to be the center of attention. 

The Yorkshire Terrier is an adorable lap dog from the Toy Group. This breed typically weighs between 4 and 6 pounds and stands 8 to 9 inches tall as an adult. The size of your Yorkie depends on the sex and breed type, with females usually being slightly smaller than males. Teacup, miniature, toy, and micro versions of the standard Yorkshire Terrier are also available. The teacup Yorkie version is generally significantly smaller than the size of the original Yorkie. 

Yorkshire Terriers are hypoallergenic, with light shedding and a soft, silky straight coat. The breed standard includes golden tan and steel blue, although darker shades may develop into lighter tones as your dog matures.  

The Yorkie is the perfect combination of adorable and feisty. This breed sports a medium-length muzzle, dark eyes, and pointy ears atop a long, silky coat. The Yorkie's body can be compact or well-proportioned, depending on its breed type but one thing's for sure, they're always elegant. 


Energetic and playful, the Yorkshire Terrier is a great choice for those who love agility or other canine sports, as well as those who love to play hide-and-seek with their dog. The Yorkshire Terrier wants to run, hike, and fetch, and loves seeking out treats as part of a treasure hunt game. 

The Yorkshire Terrier is a feisty, fearless, and protective little warrior who won't back down from any dog during a friendly chase, no matter its size. This pint-sized pup will do best in homes with space to run around, and where it can spend lots of time frolicking in the great outdoors. 

Yorkshire Terriers are a rare combination of bravery and curiosity. They are often viewed as tenacious explorers who love to exert their personalities on the world around them. 

Yorkies are well-mannered house dogs who look forward to spending time with their owners, but they are also known to be independent and ok with some alone time during work hours. 

Having been bred to hunt vermin and protect their owners' farms, the Yorkshire Terriers are fiercely protective and devoted to their human family. The small dogs are affectionate and love attention; they will follow you around the house, jump on your lap for cuddles and enjoy performing for an audience. 


Yorkshire Terrier Grooming

Yorkshire Terriers are a lot of fun and low maintenance. They need daily brushing to avoid knots and tangles, and most owners opt for a bath every 5 or 6 weeks. That's just about how often you will need to bathe your Yorkshire Terrier dogs if you don't have the time to brush them daily. If you do have time, then most toy Yorkies need a bath once a month. 

You should brush your Yorkie puppies' teeth twice a month and trim their nails at home. Brush their teeth as often as possible. Groomer visits every few months are great for professional dental care, but you can do some cosmetic cleaning of your pup's pearly whites at home too. It is important to brush their teeth regularly because dental hygiene is just as crucial to dogs as it is to humans. 

Yorkie dogs are so popular that their haircuts and styles have become their own trends. And since Yorkies love to be fashionable, the owners have been quick to oblige. With a bit of training and care, a Yorkie can lose its puppy cut for a more dapper look equally suited to Yorkie fashionistas. These dog breeds are so cute and adorable, that even their furry ears make them stand out in the crowd. 

Yorkshire Terrier Exercise Needs

Yorkies are toy-sized dogs, which means they fit well in apartments and even tiny walkup studios. Because their exercise needs are minimal, short daily walks of about 30-40 minutes should do the trick. Indoor play and games of tag are enough to keep your Yorkie healthy and happy. A few belly rubs and snuggles on the couch with their favorite humans are on their list of hobbies. 

Yorkshire Terrier Health

Teacup Yorkie puppies are prone to a few health concerns, just like any other breed. The most common issues that arise among the Yorkie breed are hypoglycemia, obesity, and periodontal disease. 

If you take care of your Yorkies, they will live a long and happy life. Although this breed does not have many health issues, you can improve its wellbeing by providing daily exercise routines and a healthy diet. Yorkies love playing with their owners and other pets, but the play should never be excessive or rough. 

Yorkshire Terrier Lifespan

Yorkies live on average 16 to 18 years. They could potentially live longer. However, in order to increase their lifespan, you need to make sure they stick to a strict diet, exercise as regularly as you can, and go to the vet for regular checkups. 

Yorkshire Terrier Training

Teacup Yorkie puppies are kind, sweet dogs. They love to play and are smart too; they pick up on training within a few days. Yorkies excel at sport training and can be taught advanced commands like 'Stretch' and 'Dance moves'. You'll need both treats and positive reinforcement while training. 

Yorkies are naturally friendly and outgoing, which makes them a joy to handle. They love discovering new places and will no doubt be curious enough to want to explore every corner of your home,  not just the rooms you designate as 'theirs'. 


The Yorkshire Terrier breed is currently one of the most popular dogs in the world. Yorkie have been working hard for their fame and glory, so much so that you would be hard pressed to meet someone who hasn’t heard of them.  

In the 19th century, the Yorkshire Terrier ancestors arrived in England. They were taken there by Scottish workers from their homeland, where they were used as utility dogs, rodent hunters in the factories and mills of Scotland. Soon after their arrival, they showed great hunting skills and started being put to work in Yorkshire. 

Yorkshire Terriers are an elegant breed of dog that was first bred in England in the 1870s. The Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies for short, were first considered a status symbol among the wealthy elite and became popular for their small size and beautiful coats. They gained popularity quickly with top-ranking families in England and soon spread to the United States where they were officially recognized. 

The Yorkshire Terrier is the world's most accomplished dog, with titles ranging from the most decorated show dog to a war hero who saved lives during World War II. The first therapy dog in history, this breed is one of the premier dog stars of its era. Toy dogs rule the world ‚Äď and that's certainly no different when we look at the miniature Yorkie. This delightful, small pooch is a true classic and has been in popular culture for over 150 years. Its 'small but fierce' reputation precedes it, and it's no surprise that this dog has starred in numerous TV shows as well as being a firm favorite with Hollywood royalty. The Yorkshire terrier was also the pet of President Richard Nixon.¬†

Over the years, Yorkies have been bred with many other breeds to create interesting hybrids including designer dogs like Yorkie Poos, Morkies, Shorkies, and Yorkie Chons.