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Mini Bernedoodle Breed Information

Paws Pattern
full grown mini bernedoodle adult dog

Mini Bernedoodle puppies are a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle, both purebred. Like the Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog, the Mini Bernedoodle pups impress with great learning skills and enchant with fluffy and cute looks. They are friendly, easy to train, and a treat to have around. Mini Bernedoodle pups are a moderately active dog breed that fits perfectly in an apartment setting as well as with families, single owners, and retirees. 

BREED TYPE / MIX Doodle Hybrid / Poodle crossed with a Bernese Mountain Dog ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Responsive TEMPERAMENT Playful, Friendly, Intelligent, Affectionate, Gentle ADULT WEIGHT F1: 30-50 lbsF1B: 20-30 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 13-22 in LIFE SPAN 12-15 yrs


  • The Mini Bernedoodle puppy is a doodle crossbreed of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Mini Poodle 
  • Also known as Mini Berniedoodle, Mini Bernese Poodle, and Mini Bernadoodle, the Mini Bernedoodle is one of the world’s favorite doodle breeds 
  • Sweet and calm Mini Bernedoodle personality 
  • Mini Bernedoodle hybrid vigor ensures that your puppies are healthier and less prone to the conditions that are common in their parent breeds 
  • Mini Bernedoodle intelligence matches that of the Poodle breed 
  • Intelligent and effortless to train Mini Bernedoodle puppies. Like their parents, Mini Bernedoodle pups are quick learners that love to please 
  • Docile, gentle, and well-behaved, Mini Bernedoodle puppies make wonderful pets for families with children, multi-pet households, and first-time dog owners 
  • Hypoallergenic Mini Bernedoodle. Mini Bernedoodles don’t produce as much dander as other dogs and are known for their low-shedding coats 
  • Small to medium-sized Mini Bernedoodle. The Mini Bernedoodle size can range from small to medium, having an average height of 12 to 22 inches and an average weight of 20 to 50 pounds 
black and white mini bernedoodle wearing a harness


The Mini Bernedoodle dog is a small to medium-sized breed that charms with a joyful demeanor and a teddy bear appearance. Like most doodle breeds, the Mini Bernedoodle can sport several combined traits from both of its parents. These include size, coat type, and physical features. The Mini Bernedoodle size does depend on a few factors such as the breed’s generation and size of the parent breeds used in the mix. The average size of these dogs can vary between 20 and 50 pounds with a height of 12 to 22 inches. F2 and F1 Mini Bernedoodles can be medium-sized, while F1b Mini Bernedoodles are generally on the smaller scale.  

The Mini Bernedoodle build is compact, sturdy, and well-proportioned. These dogs have beautiful, oval-shaped eyes, a medium-length muzzle, adorable drop ears, and a fluffy, feathery tail. The Mini Bernedoodle’s coat is thick, soft, and all season friendly. Being a mixed breed means that these dogs can come with a variety of hair types such as wavy, straight, or even curly-textured hair. Although they don’t generally shed thanks to the Poodle in their genes, Mini Bernedoodles with straight hair take after their Bernese Mountain Dog parent and can shed occasionally. Combinations of black, white, and brown, are the most common Mini Bernedoodle colors. 


Unlike other dog breeds that are either too energetic, yappy, or even territorial, Mini Bernedoodles are well balanced and have ideal temperaments. Mini Bernedoodles are not excessive barkers or aggressive dogs, and they get along great with just about anyone. These dogs love everything and everyone. They are great dogs for children, fantastic companions for seniors and retirees, and excellent pets for a household with other dogs, cats, or other pets. 

As far as Mini Bernedoodle personality goes, you can expect these dogs to follow in your footsteps. If you are a person who loves hikes and long walks, your Mini Bernedoodle will be just as eager to join you on your adventures. If you enjoy relaxing at home or going on slow, relaxing walks, your Mini Bernedoodle will happily match your pace and lifestyle.  

Mini Bernedoodles are remarkable dogs, with their only fault being their over-attachment to family members. Being an immensely affectionate dog breed often means that being alone is not something these dogs look forward to. Mini Bernedoodles thrive and are happiest when a family member or their owner is beside them.  


Mini Bernedoodle Grooming

Providing your Mini Bernedoodles with proper care is as important as everything else, so it's good to know what their needs are. Brushing is an essential step in keeping your Mini Bernedoodle dog clean and healthy. It helps remove loose hair, prevent matting, and distribute natural oils throughout the coat. The frequency of brushing depends on the type of coat texture your Mini Bernedoodle has. Most often, Mini Bernedoodles come in a wavy-textured coat that requires one or two brushings every week.

Your Mini Bernedoodle will also benefit from regular bathing with dog shampoo, preferably once every month or so. Regular bathing helps remove dust, grease, and dirt that are likely to gather on the skin. Your Mini Bernedoodle’s nails should be clipped every 2 or 4 weeks to avoid the issues that come with overgrown nails. Dental care is also essential in keeping your dog healthy, It is recommended to brush your Mini Bernedoodle’s teeth regularly to avoid tartar buildup and other dental issues. 

Mini Bernedoodle Exercise Needs

Most Mini Bernedoodle puppies grow up to be low-to-moderately active adult dogs with low exercise needs. Given that they are a calm, family-oriented dog breed, Mini Bernedoodles often match their needs with their owners’. If your Mini Bernedoodle is on the more energetic side, you will need to provide up to an hour of daily exercise with 2 or 3 walks and plenty of fun indoor games. If your dog is more relaxed, 1 or 2 walks and some interactive games indoors will suffice. Mini Bernedoodles are also a very sociable and friendly dog breed that craves interactions with other dogs, so it is beneficial to provide weekly play dates and visits to the neighborhood dog playground. 

Mini Bernedoodle Health

As a hybrid breed, Mini Bernedoodles are generally healthy dogs that are not prone to the same ailments as their parents, but there are still some conditions that they may develop. These include allergies, hip dysplasia, cataracts, dental issues, and elbow dysplasia. Mini Bernedoodles can also be predisposed to excessive weight gain when they are not sufficiently exercised or overfed. The Mini Bernedoodle size can vary from dog to dog, with some reaching as much as 50 pounds fully grown and some as little as less than 20 pounds. Some Mini Bernedoodle adults are also more energetic than others, so it is recommended to consider their energy levels, weight, and exercise needs when deciding on their daily food portions. 

Mini Bernedoodle Lifespan

Mini Bernedoodles are a healthy and long-lived dog breed that has a lifespan of 12 to 18 years. Keeping up with your dog’s exercise needs, recommended food portions, and regular vet checks, will help your Mini Bernedoodle have a life expectancy of 16+ years. 

Mini Bernedoodle Training

Training Mini Bernedoodle puppies is the first thing to look forward in the first moments of your new puppy’s arrival home. Like the Poodle, Mini Bernedoodles impress with keen intelligence and a strong drive to please their owners. They can be energetic and hard to keep up with at first when they are very young, but once their attention is captured with a treat or a preferred toy, they are all ears. Like most dogs, Mini Bernedoodle puppies are big fans of attention and rewards. They are most responsive to a gentle and fun approach. Providing them with their favorite toys and delicious treat rewards will ensure that they are motivated and ready to focus.

You can begin training your Mini Bernedoodle puppy as soon as it arrives home. The first lessons should include basic training commands like recall words, come, sit, stay, as well as potty training and crate training if necessary. Leash training and socialization should follow suit. It is recommended to avoid using raised voices or punishments when training a Mini Bernedoodle puppy, as they often prove to be counterproductive. Training lessons should be started in a low-distraction area where the puppy can focus entirely on its trainer.  

Leash training and socialization training should be done gradually before your puppy’s first walk. Socializing is an important step in training that should not be avoided. It's important to introduce your young Mini Bernedoodle puppy to new people and pets as soon as vaccinations are up to date. A safe and low-distraction environment is also recommended when introducing your small puppy to others. 


The Mini Bernedoodle is a hybrid breed, a mix between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Mini Poodle. The first litter of Mini Bernedoodle puppies was born in 2003 in Ontario, Canada. Although the breeders responsible for the breed’s first litter are yet unknown, the reason behind the creation of these puppies is clear. The goal was to create a dog breed that would blend the Poodle’s hypoallergenic qualities and intelligence with the Bernese Mountain Dog’s outgoing nature and cuddly personality, as well as to create a smaller dog that would be more suitable for apartment living than either parent breed.

The first litter of Mini Bernedoodle puppies was a blooming success that captured the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. Like their parents, Mini Bernedoodles impress with wonderful skills, qualities, and personality traits that are considered desirable by dog lovers and owners alike. These dogs are friendly, non-aggressive, cuddly, fluffy, and very affectionate. They also have good hypoallergenic qualities like their Poodle parent.  

Given that they have enjoyed a spike in popularity in the past decade, Mini Bernedoodle puppies have been bred into three generations. These are the F1 Mini Bernedoodle, F1b Mini Bernedoodle, and F2 Mini Bernedoodle. 

The F1 Mini Bernedoodle is a first-generation crossbreed of a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog and a purebred Mini Poodle. These puppies are healthier due to mixed breed hybrid vigor and have good hypoallergenic qualities as well as low-shedding coats. 

F1b Mini Bernedoodle puppies are a backcross of an F1 Mini Bernedoodle and a Miniature Poodle. F1b Mini Bernedoodles have a smaller size than F1’s and better hypoallergenic qualities. They are also curlier and less likely to shed hair.  

F2 Mini Bernedoodles are a cross between two F1 Mini Bernedoodles. These pups are smaller than either generation and are generally bred for specific physical traits like coat type, colors, and form.