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Maltipom Being Cute Cute Maltipom Designer Pup Maltipom Being Cute

Teacup Maltipom Puppies for sale | Designer Breeds, Healthy Maltipom puppies guarantee Puerto Rico

Affectionate ~ Alert ~ Friendly ~ Playful ~ Social

Get your loving and sweet-natured Maltipom puppy at Puppy Love PR. With their gentle and people-pleasing approach, the Maltipom is a delight to have around the house. They crave attention and love learning new things, so they can be taught tricks and commands easily. They have a light shedding and hypoallergenic coat. This adorable pup will make a great addition to any family as they can live in any environment. They're small and incredibly intelligent so they are perfect for small living spaces. They are also very flexible and can fit into your life easily. These fun-loving pooches are a mix between a Maltese and a Pomeranian, both purebreds.

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Affectionate, Alert, Friendly, Playful, Social

Adult Weight 4-8 lbs
Adult Height 8-10 in
Life Expectancy 10-14 yrs
Rating 5.0 ( reviews)
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MaltiPom puppies for sale - On-the-spot Adoption in Puerto Rico / Islandwide Shipping

    The Maltipom is a small cross between a  Maltese and Pomeranian. This toy breed is known for being attentive, outgoing, gentle, joyful, and social. It can weigh between 4 and 8 pounds at maturity. Their hypoallergenic coat has common colors such as: black, black and tan, blue, brown, gray, and white.

    If you want an active, playful and intelligent breed, then the Maltipom is for you! It’s easy to train and always wants to learn new tricks to please its owner.  Even though they’re easy to train, the trainer should be gentle, patient, and constantly rewarding them for a job well done. It will become devoted to its owner quickly and will enjoy their company. Long periods of no contact or being left alone for too long could cause it to suffer from separation anxiety.

    With its small size and adaptable temperament it can do very well in an apartment. Because of their gentle personality, they are perfect for families and children.
This breed is very sensitive to heat and should be monitored if outside playing to avoid too much exposure.

The Malitipom has very high energy, which means that lots of exercise and playtime is a must. Trips to the dog park would be a wonderful activity for your whole family and a perfect way to exert some of their fun energy. Short walks twice a day should be plenty to keep this breed healthy, and in shape.  

    This breed does shed often and will need to be brushed frequently to avoid tangles and to keep their fur clean. Their ears and eyes should be cleaned regularly and the nails should be cut every two to three weeks. Occasional trimming may be required. You should feed a high quality dry food that is intended for oral care, which will help keep their teeth healthy and strong.

This breed may be prone to develop certain health issues, such as skin allergies, dental disease and heart issues. This is typically a healthy breed and with the proper care it has a life expectancy of 10-14 happy years!

A few of our Cute Maltipom Pups

Maltipom Being Cute Cute Maltipom Designer Pup Maltipom Being Cute