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Shih Poo Breed Information

Shih Poo with owner

Shih Poo puppies are a doodle crossbreed of a Shih Tzu crossed with a Mini or Toy Poodle. Shih Poo puppies are like their parents in every wonderful way. They are lively, cheerful, and intelligent. Shih Poo puppies also grow into amazing adult dogs that get along well with everyone in their path. They are friends with kids, strangers, other dogs, and household pets. The Shih Poo puppies are a wonderful addition to any type of home. They make sweet companions for elderly couples, affectionate fur babies for single owners, and remarkable family dogs for owners with kids.  

BREED TYPE / MIX Doodle Hybrid / Poodle crossed with a Shih Tzu ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Responsive TEMPERAMENT Clever, Affectionate, Gentle, Loyal, Loving ADULT WEIGHT 8-18 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 8-17 in LIFE SPAN 10-15 yrs


  • Shih Poo puppies are a crossbreed of a Shih Tzu mixed with a Poodle 
  • Hypoallergenic Shih Poo. Given that both parent breeds of the Shih Poo are low-to-non shedding dogs, the Shih Poo inherits those hypoallergenic qualities and makes an excellent pet for allergy-suffering owners 
  • Shih Poo grooming involves very little effort 
  • Highly intelligent and responsive to their owner’s needs, the Shih Poos make fantastic therapy dogs 
  • Passionate about games and adventures, Shih Poo dogs are an excellent addition to a family with kids 
  • Shih Poo puppies adapt quickly to their new environment 
  • As a first-generation crossbreed, the Shih Poo benefits from hybrid vigor 
  • Moderately energetic and lively, the Shih Poo dogs adapt well to both active and laid-back lifestyles 
Shih Poo with Short Hair


The Shih Tzu Poo is a new breed of dog that appears with traits from both the gorgeous Shih Tzu and the adorable Poodle. They are tiny, fluffy, and perfectly adorable. They come in a variety of stunning colors and are only 8-17 inches tall and weigh between 8 and 18 pounds for a full-grown Shih Poo. 

Shih Poos have a rounded snout and a slow-moving gait. They have ears that fold close to their faces, giving them a very adorable, rounded appearance. Their coat is medium in length, but dense. They come in a variety of gorgeous Shih Poo colors, including apricot, white, brindle, grey, black, tan and brown. As a crossbreed of two dogs with different types of coats, Shih Poos can have straight, wavy, or curly hair. Most often, you will find these dogs with wavy to curly-textured coats. 


The Shih Poo is a small, toy-sized dog that loves to cuddle and be near people. This breed is described as intelligent, lively, and curious. They're known for being very affectionate with their humans and are the ideal family dog for homes with kids or elderly individuals who need caretaking dogs. A Shih Poo is a small, fluffy and playful dog who is quite intelligent. They love to play with their owners and are usually good with children. They will often get along well with other pets as well. These dogs are relatively new in the pet world, but they have quickly become a favorite for both new and experienced dog owners. 

Shih Poo Puppies are a smart, active and amusing little dogs that love to play. They have a unique personality that can be appreciated by anyone who loves a cuddly fur baby.  

Shih Poo pups are not overly dependent on their owners when they are left at home alone, but they enjoy getting pampered every day and love having a playmate to keep them entertained. These dogs make excellent companions for people who work long hours, so long as they are given enough time to exercise and socialize with humans. 


Shih Poo Grooming

To keep your little dog healthy, happy, and looking good, you need to brush, bathe, and clip its nails every month. Grooming your dog is a responsibility that comes with being a pet owner, but luckily there are many ways to make it easier and more enjoyable for you and your dog. Shih Poos aren’t a high maintenance breed, but they do require occasional grooming. It is recommended to brush their coats every other day to keep them from getting mats or tangles. Matts can cause discomfort and skin irritation, so they should be prevented from forming. A pin brush with soft bristles is the best tool for this job when it comes to Shih Poo grooming.  

Another part of Grooming Shih Poo dogs is bathing them and clipping their nails. Baths should not be too frequent as this may lead to dry skin and irritation. Ideally, you should bathe your Shih Poo every 5 to 6 weeks and clip their nails after the bath. These dogs will also benefit from having their teeth brushed as often as possible. They are susceptible to dental issues which are easily avoided by brushing their teeth with vet-approved dog toothpaste. Daily brushing is best, especially after meals. 

Shih Poo Exercise Needs

The Shih Poos are one of the most popular breeds in the United States. They have a moderate amount of energy, making them perfect for families with children and novice owners. They do not need any long or strenuous exercise, but they can still enjoy some physical activity. Ideally, they should be walked twice every day for at least 10 minutes and provided with mentally stimulating activities indoors. Although they are not a high energy dog breed, Shih Poos still love to join their owners on hikes and participate in fun outdoor activities that include running, chasing, and playing fetch. 

Shih Poo Health

Shih Poos are a very popular breed of doodle dogs that have come to be known for their excellent health. There are a few possible conditions that can occur in Shih Poo dogs, including allergies, obesity, cataracts, patellar lunation, and hip dysplasia. Some Shih Poos can also be susceptible to dental issues that can cause tooth decay and periodontal disease. Although none of these conditions are life-threatening, they should be monitored as soon as the first signs appear. Regular vet checkups are always recommended to keep up with your Shih Poo’s health. 

Shih Poo Lifespan

A Shih Poo's lifespan is typically between 10 and 16 years. However, a Shih Poo's lifespan could be as long as up to 20 years if it is given a proper diet and exercise routine. These dogs can live in an apartment with their owners as long as they are regularly exercised and raised in an environment that is nourishing. 

Shih Poo Training

Training a Shih Poo is not difficult, but it does take time for them to get the idea of what commands are and how to follow them. It is best if your Shih poo has had training before outdoor interactions and leash walking so that they know what is expected of them. The key to socializing Shih Poos puppies is to be patient and foster them through fun experiences like meeting new people and exploring new places. Like most dogs, they are social animals by nature, and this can provide an easier training experience. It is also important to ensure that they are properly socialized at home first before you begin daily outdoor walks. When introducing a new dog to your family and home, it is easy to become attached too soon. Take things slow, don’t let the dogs off leash in public until they are fully trained and trustworthy. Make sure to let your new dog spend time alone in a safe, secure area. This is especially important for a dominant dog, who may not like sharing their new home with you and other dogs. If the dog is showing any signs of aggression towards other animals or people (barking, lunging, growling) bring them in and call a professional dog trainer. 


A new designer breed, the Shih Poo is a hybrid of a purebred Shih Tzu and purebred Poodle. This designer breed is highly sought after because of its adorable qualities which include friendliness, intelligence, and a joyful disposition. Shih Poos are known for their adorable personalities. They ’re quite small and are easily trained. With their adorable sizes, smarts and strikingly unique coats, these dogs are quickly becoming the newest must have in designer dogs. Shih Poo is not recognized by many registries yet, but it has been having immense success with dog lovers worldwide. 

Shih Poo puppies were first bred in the United States at the turn of the 21st century. They have the same hypoallergenic qualities of their parents, coupled with excellent personalities and a fantastic, sweet nature. They have been described as "the perfect little friend" and often get called "the perfect cuddle bug."  

To better understand what these cute puppies are like, we can look into the personalities of their parents and why they were chosen for the mix.  

Poodles are the second smartest dogs on earth, following Border Collies. They impress with remarkable intelligence and an agility that is rarely matched. These famous dogs have been around for quite some time and have held jobs in every field dogs can be trained in. They have been employed as military K9’s, therapy pets, circus dogs, service/guide dogs, and hunters. Their qualities are many and they are passed down to the lovely Shih Poo puppies. 

Shih Tzus are royal dogs in every sense of the word. Some believe they started out as little hunters and were quickly placed in the lap of luxury at royal palaces in China. Shih Tzus are calm dogs that attach to the hip and stay there unhinged. They are the biggest fans of pampering, and they repay their owners with unconditional love and loyalty. Like Poodles, Shih Tzu dogs were chosen to pass down all that is great about them to the cute Shih Poo puppies.